Rezi van Lankveld

At The First Clear Sight

Engaging with the molten fluidity of paint, Rezi van Lankveld's abstract paintings strikingly balance the shift between pictorial scene and creative process.

Rezi van Lankveld's working procedure has remained the same throughout her career; oil paint is poured onto wooded boards or, in the case of the newer works, onto canvas, until an image emerges, creating a spontaneous ambiguity to the pictorial form captured by the artist and spectator alike.

Graduating from Jan van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht in 1999, the artist's recent works demonstrate a move from the vacant spaces of earlier paintings towards pieces in which the pictorial elements reach out to the edges of the canvas - creating forms which rise and fall rhythmically across the work.

Accompanying full-colour illustrations of van Lankveld's work from 2003-10 are texts by Leen Bedaux, Jeremiah Day, Melissa Gronlund and Zlatko Wurzberg.

Leen Bedaux, Jeremiah Day, Melissa Gronlund and Zlatko Wurzberg, 2012 Hardback Publisher: Ridinghouse. ISBN: 9781905464 500 Dimensions: 21.6 × 14.4 cm Pages: 112pp £27