Sam Windett

Sam Windett’s paintings sit somewhere between abstraction, landscape and representation, often using a simple framework as a starting point. He incorporates a series of recurring visual motifs in his work; numbers, windows or doorways, and orbs that act as proxies for the sun, moon, and car headlights. His practice is centred around a working process, rather than a fully-formed and predetermined set of objectives. Through experimenting with materials – predominantly paint and collaged paper and linen – by adding and removing, editing, and remodelling, Windett allows for both the successes and failures of the creative process to be an important aspect of the work. Time is a recurrent theme for Windett. Numbers and, in particular, dates, found their way into his earlier work when he began a series of paintings that shared their titles with aeroplane crashes. As his paintings developed, the dates became seemingly more arbitrary and cryptic, with subtle reference to a more personal narrative. Sam Windett (b. 1977, Kent) lives and works in Kent.