Jack Lavender

Jack Lavender’s practice comprises objects, drawing and images. He is interested in creating site-specific environments that propel the viewer into an altered space that echoes a different time.

Lavender’s concern with time has been apparent throughout his practice. He has an instinctive impulse to collect usually forgettable souvenirs from the everyday and preserve them as relics of a particular moment or era. It is as if they are destined for induction to a time capsule, ready for some distant future generation to discover; where beer tankards return us to the mid 20th century, cairns built from flintstones evoke a primordial period.

Lavender’s work, whilst serving as nostalgic and distinctive reminders of the past, also predicts an uncertain future, where we are seemingly hurtling towards cultural and environmental obliteration.

Jack Lavender (b. 1983, Canterbury, UK) lives and works in Margate, Kent.